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Television Backlight Repairs

TV LED Backlights Comprehensive Guide

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There are several methods that TV engineers use to repair back lights but there is only one that is worth considering. I will explain why but first a brief backlight explanation

80% of our repairs are Led backlight failure – mostly TV sound with no picture or flickering picture.

 This usually occurs when a TV is between 2 years and 4 years old 

 Back lights are wired same as Xmas tree lights so one out all out 

 If you change the backlight setting from high to low it will help your LED TV last longer 

The LEDs that light your screen are being pushed very hard to maintain a high level of brightness from the factory this will cause them to wear out quickly as manufacturers usually set the backlight level at maximum for full effect 

Please ensure that you switch the backlight setting from “High” or Auto on Vestel Tv’s (Panasonic, Toshiba, Bush, Polaroid, Jvc, Jmb, luxor etc) 100% on Lg Tv’s and 20 on Samsung to as low as you can stand the picture preferably half way from the max setting.

LED TV Backlight Repairs

When TV backlights have failed, we usually find between 1 and 3 LEDs have failed however there are usually between 40 and 120 individual LEDs in your TV so it makes sense that the backlights all being the same age, are all ready for failing.

You could argue that some would last another 3 or 4 years however most engineers that repair the individual LEDs will end up repairing your TV again perhaps 4 or 5 times in the next 2 years, which becomes far more costly than doing the job properly first time.

Repair Method 1

 As a TV backlight repair specialist, we are one of the few in the UK that import backlight strips directly from China and Korea. We always replace all the strips which contain all the LEDs and effectively put the set back to the same condition as it was when new, hence we can offer a full 12 months part & Labour warranty on the new set fitted

Unfortunately, some backlight strips are not available to buy new, so some TVs we cannot offer a repair.

New Full Set Of backlights fitted in a Samsung Tv

 Repair method 2

This involves removing the diffuser lens from the backlight strip and replacing the individual LEDs that have failed. These LEDs cost pennies so you are essentially just paying the labour charges for the engineer to do the job. if done correctly and replacing the faulty LEDs with correct replacements this method is not dangerous or a fire risk. however, we do not understand why engineers still prefer this method. perhaps it’s the fact that they can charge you every time another LED fails or possibly that most engineers are over 60s and close to retirement and do not want to invest thousands of pounds and the risks and time involved in importing from China and Korea. This repair would usually have little or no warranty 

Dangerous Repair using low quality or faulty leds

Repair methods 3

This is very common but is one to completely avoid, this involves removing the diffuser from the faulty LED and removing the LED itself, then getting another second-hand strip and cutting a backlight from that strip and gluing it on top where the faulty LED has been removed. then the backlight strip is scraped to reveal the copper connections and wires are soldered to connect the new backlight to the existing backlight strip. This looks an awful mess and is potentially dangerous and we have seen these burnt many times. Again, it will last for a few weeks to a few months at best till that one or another fails. this repair will have little or no guarantee

Top Set Repaired badly and bottom set that we fitted as replacements with 12 months Guarantee

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