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LED TV Owners – Important Tips Help & Advice from Accrington Tv Services.

Please ensure that you switch the backlight setting from “High” or Auto on Vestel Tv’s (Toshiba, Bush, Polaroid, Jvc, Jmb, luxor etc) 100% on Lg Tv’s and 20 on Samsung to as low as you can stand the picture preferably half way from the max setting.

The LED’S that light the screen are being pushed very hard to maintain a high brightness from the factory. This will cause the Led’s to wear out quickly.

80% of our daily repairs are LED Backlights (Tv with no picture)

Backlights are wired same as Xmas tree lights so one out, all out and they wear out extremely fast at the highest backlight setting,

Many just out of warranty


Change the BACKLIGHT settings from high to low to help your Led Tv last longer whilst saving your money and a costly repair.

Otherwise call us on 01254 877887 



when the front LED/LCD panel has been damaged by impact resulting in a cracked screen it would not usually be a cost effective repair.

the front panel or screen constitutes 80% of the cost of the new TV so in most cases it would be more financially viable to replace the television.

If this happens check your household insurance to see if you are covered.

We are able to provide you with a diagnostic report or engineers report


Tv Not Coming On

check if there is a hidden on/off switch or button underneath the tv

Use Smartphone Camera to check the remote control!

to test your remote, open the smartphone camera app. 

Point the TV remote towards the camera on your phone, then press and hold any button.

If your remote is transmitting, you should see a pinkish light near the tip of your remote when looking at it through your phone’s display.

If no light is seen its extremely likely time to replace the batteries in your remote or the remote itself


What Brand of television should I buy?

The problem with all tvs nowadays is that people want the cheapest price

Manufacturers respond by producing tvs that are inferior quality to ones made 10 years ago. 

The majority of tvs we see for repair require backlights and most are less than 3 years old

We would always recommend Samsung and LG as the best available

For many years the huge Turkish company “VESTEL” has put their chassis in many of the other popular well-known brands such as

Toshiba, Hitachi, and Sharp, Bush, Alba and Jvc.

Recently we find companies that used to provide high quality expensive but reliable tvs 20 years ago are now using the Vestel chassis.

Companies like Panasonic, JVC, Sanyo Toshiba, Sharp and many more.

Although we feel Vestel is a budget brand, we find them quite good.


What type of television should I buy? LCD, LED, or OLED?

Firstly what size you need.

If not sure, a good guide is that a TV is slightly less wide than its diagonal screen size. So if you’ve got a 43″ wide gap the a 43″ TV will fit there!


Next is the technology – LCD, LED or OLED.

Without getting too technical, here’s a quick guide. LCD and LED are basically the same and the latter is simply a more up-to-date version.

They’re capable of exceptional brightness, slim designs whilst keeping power consumption low. 

OLED is the latest type, used for a while in small screens such as smartphones and cameras, Large screen televisions are becoming more common. OLED offers incredible contrast, very little blurring alongside massive brightness and low power consumption. But not cheap.


Common FAQ

Why do TVs, seem to becoming cheaper and cheaper?
Have you ever wondered what corners were cut to make them so much cheaper?

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